Chaturbate Review – Is It Really That Good?

I have personally used Chaturbate numerous times, and since I review free cam sites often, I thought I should give my honest opinion on this one too.

Because why not?

I would like to share my experiences with it and get into all the details.

You know, the stuff that you hardly ever see on the actual platform.

In this Chaturbate review I will be compiling all the information from what I know and of course, from what I find around on the internet too.

If you want to know more about this website as well, then I highly suggest you keep reading.


Chaturbate Review

Name: Chaturbate


Price to join: $0

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars


About Chaturbate

Chaturbate is an ever-fast growing website, as they have been on the expanding rise since the initial release date back in 2011.

This website platform is located in US, California.

However, most of their functioning is actually done in the UK.

There’s not much information I could find regarding the owners of this website either.

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a website where you can go and view models performing sexual acts.

Whether it be with themselves or on somebody else, guys or girls, they have them all.

Unlike the other thousands of cam sites out there, you can view them nude, completely free.

The only catch is that they are difficult to find.

If you don’t mind searching through the models as you come across hairy men and hairy vaginas (not a downside if you’re into that), then you can eventually find the treasure.

And the treasure is a young girl, 18-24, doing sexual acts for the men who are chatting and typing to her.

If they aren’t at the top of the “most watched” list, then they are usually located near the bottom, they have low views so they are yours for the taking 😀

Essentially, that is what Chaturbate is all about.

And the best part about it, there is absolutely no demand for you to sign up before you can begin watching these models either.

But more on that below.

What Are The Ultimate Benefits?

Chaturbate stands out from its competitors by a long shot.

First and foremost, you can view all the nude girls for no cost on your part.

Just sign up and watch the girls perform and do as you say. But since you are only a free member, you’ll be lucky if they actually listen to you.

However, at least the girls are nude. Most other cam sites require you to go private before they actually take their clothes off.

Here are the benefits of signing up and not signing up:

Anonymous user (No signing up needed)

  • Search through the models
  • Watch any model you choose
  • There is no limit to how long you can watch for

Member (Requires email address and name – Free to join!)

  • You can chat to the models
  • You can record the sexual acts that the models provide
  • Purchase videos and pictures from the models
  • The ability to broadcast yourself
  • You can tip the girls (Give them tokens. This is where the fun stuff happens)
  • Subscribe to their page so you get email updates when they go live
  • And a LOT more

As you can clearly see, being a free member offers some good perks but it only allows you to do the basics.

To get the most out of this website, it is best to sign up.

This is where you can talk to the girls and get them to do crazy things for you and the people who are watching.

Furthermore, to get the maximum benefits from this website, being a paying customer is where a lot of the fun is.

You can then start tipping the girls while you get all the respect from the other guys in the room who are watching.

chaturbate homepage


And that brings me to the toy that the models ALWAYS use. This is called OhMiBod.

What does this do?

The girls wear it and stick it in their vagina.

When guys tip, it vibrates every time.

And the higher you tip, the higher the intensity of the toy. The main focus with this is to try and make the girls cum.

If you can find these shows where other people are tipping and making the girls cum, then you can get an awesome free show!

I’ve found a couple of them, and they are really incredible.

OR, you can be “that guy”, the one who tips the girls and gets her to cum.

Target Goal Feature

The models write down goals under their live video stream.

This allows the tippers to have a goal to aim for.

Most of the time you will see something like this:

  • 50 tokens and I will take my top off
  • 100 tokens for pants off
  • 200 tokens to play with my tits
  • 300 tokens for pussy rub
  • 500 for blow job

That is just an example, but you get the point.

Every room you enter, there are usually hundreds of other people watching.

So if you want to gain the respect from the other members, and the female model to like you too, then you better start tipping 😛

The Currency

As you probably guessed by now, the currency used in Chaturbate are called Tokens.

1 token = 0.10 cents

100 tokens = $10

1000 tokens = $100

Whether you are a broadcaster who received a token, or a tipper who tipped a token, the currency is all the same.

If you want to purchase 1000 tokens, this will cost you $100.

But let me tell you this, 1000 tokens is easily enough to make a girl cum!

Pricing & Signing Up

You can get access to the models and begin watching them doing crazy/cool stuff for no cost whatsoever.

You aren’t obligated to sign up either, it is entirely optional no matter how long you view the models for!

View The Live Nude Models Here

They do offer a monthly payment plan too, and this is so you can automatically gain tokens every month, without you having to worry about purchasing them all the time.

In your first month you are given a bonus of 200 tokens.

Yes, these are free, as a gift for signing up.

The monthly membership costs less than $20.

You can then:

  • Tip the girls
  • Purchase pics & videos from them
  • Remove the ads
  • See the models in full screen mode
  • Use the private messaging service

Pros & Cons


  • You do not need to sign up to get the basic benefits
  • You can even see the nude models JUST by being an anonymous user
  • All you need to do is hand over your name and email address (Free member) to gain a bunch more benefits
  • As a free member, you get access to a whole lot of features that other cam sites don’t offer you. Usually you will have to pay on the other websites
  • It is free to become a broadcaster yourself. This allows you to earn tokens that you can use on the website, otherwise you can convert it to cash


  • To tip the girls you will have to purchase tokens first, or at least become a monthly paying customer
  • Some of the private shows can get incredibly expensive. Some being up to $9 per minute!
  • In the private shows, you aren’t really in control on what happens, because most of the time there are other viewers too

So Is Chaturbate A Scam?

No, Chaturbate is not a scam.

And I really do not see them becoming a scam in the future either.

Their reputation is incredibly strong and found to be legit by thousands and thousands of members.

So I don’t see why they would turn into a scam when they have a really good reputation with their members and even anonymous users.

They are growing every single day, and I absolutely know why too, because you aren’t obligated to become a free member.

You can view the models as an anonymous user for as long as you please.

The cons aren’t too much of a worry either, especially because the pros and benefits completely outweigh the bad.

However, I would like to add that the better and more fun options are when you sign up as a free member.

You can then begin CHATTING to the models, subscribe to your favorite ones and get email updates, record your favorite girls, and more.

For all the many reasons that I have talked about inside this Chaturbate review, and mostly because it offers so many features that other cam sites don’t offer, I would have to say that Chaturbate IS highly recommended!

My Final Opinion

I haven’t seen any other website that offers this much as a free member, because most of the time you have to go private before the females take their clothes off.

With Chaturbate, it is just an all-round great website.

Yes the private shows can get expensive, but I wouldn’t recommend those anyway.

I enjoy tipping the girls while they are using the OhMiBod and making them moan, scream and cum!

I want YOU to experience the same fun as I have with this website too.

Even if you don’t want to pay, you can eventually find the young hotties who are enjoying the OhMiBod toy, just do a little digging around.

I have no problems with this website, apart from the expensive private shows, but other than that I always have fun on this website.

Good quality models, easy to navigate, free to watch, highly recommended!

Start Viewing The Nude Models Here!

I hope you found what you were looking for inside this article.

If you have any questions, ask away in the comment section below.

Otherwise let us know your experiences with this website in the comment section too 😀

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