Free Hookup Search Review: Fake Profiles And Paid Scammers?

I have seen a lot of hype around this website lately and thought I should debunk what this website is all about.

There are so many of them, and because they have designed this one so well, people are falling for it while staying a paying customer for months, and sometimes for years.

In this Free Hookup Search Review I will discover the true backstory regarding this website and write down everything I find and learn inside this very article.

If you want to know what the owners of this website are hiding, then I have no doubts that you will find this article helpful.


Free Hookup Search Review

Name: Free Hookup Search

Websitewww.freehookupsearch.comfree hookup search logo

Price to sign up: $0 – Or $39.95 p/m for Gold Membership

My Final Rating: 0.5/5


What is Free Hookup Search?

Dating websites are by no means new to the internet world.

And you will see that Free Hookup Search is one of them.

As a free member of this website you are allowed to browse the website and view profiles.

So basically, you can create your own profile and view the entire site. However, to be able to talk to these girls you are required to pay for it first.

If you pay to gain access, you can then begin chatting to the other members/girls on the site.

But after some thorough research and a little digging around myself, it didn’t take long to realize that this site is running a fraud/scam.

Scam Alert

First and foremost, Free Hookup Search is exactly like the other thousands of dating sites that are available online.

They make an emphasis on FREE all through the main home page and signing up process.

You will then get to a page where you have to put your credit card details in to “verify your age”.

However, you will notice that it says $0 in big, bold writing. But be extra careful on this page, because there’s a fine print!

And that’s exactly how Free Hookup works too.

The fine print is extremely small, and what does it say?

Bonus – – $1.95 for a day 2 trial, then $39.72 every month thereafter.

Do NOT place your credit card details into this website.

While they claim it is 100% free to join, it is not. When you put your credit card details into Free Hookup Search you will start noticing money come out of your account monthly.

And that’s with 2 websites, and

These payments are $39 PER month, each!

Even though they say it’s free, there are a lot of fine prints around the page, allowing them to deduct money from your account just because they have the ticked box as proof.

Moving On

Every profile on the website is completely fake, and they even tell you that in their terms and conditions.

This is so they don’t run into any legal issues just because they have it in their ToS.

But they call these profiles: fictitious/fantasy.

free hookup search - girls

A quick reverse image search shows that these profiles have actually been taken from other websites, while a large number of them are from porno sites.

Furthermore, they have people that are employed who talk with you just to make it look like you are talking to the actual girl in the profile picture.

But all they do is string you along for as long as possible so you will stay a paying customer!

If you don’t believe me, you can actually take a look through their terms and conditions page yourself 😛 They pretty much admit that they are running a scam.

Pricing & Signing Up

  • $0 to sign up
  • $39.95 per month for Gold Membership (where you talk to the fake girls)
  • Up to $100 per month for all packages available

Upon entering your details and signing up at, you will be brought to a page that’s asking for your credit card details to verify your age.

But there is a fine print, saying you will actually be paying for a cross-sell, one that you did not agree on.

Even if you un-check the box, you will still get hit with a monthly (recurring) bill because there was another fine print that you did not see.

In all honestly, it’s best to stay safe and not put your credit card details into this website, because they will try anything and everything to take your money.

Pros & Cons


  • There is none


  • The profiles are fake
  • They have shady cross sells that you never even signed up for
  • You are getting NO VALUE for your hard-earned cash
  • You could be paying up to $100 per month if you blindly put your credit card details in

So Is Free Hookup Search A Scam?

Yes it is, Free Hookup Search is indeed a scam.

Sites like these are the absolute WORSE you can get yourself into.

Unless you like receiving fake messages from bots or enjoy browsing through fantasy profiles, you should stay well away from this website.

And that’s especially true if you have fallen victim to this scam, which is why I highly recommend you stop your payments immediately.

That’s the main reason why I had to write this review, so I can help people to avoid this scam in the first place, or to get paying customers to stop giving these scammers money.

My Final Opinion

This website is a con, from the very start it’s not that difficult to see that it is a scam.

I hate it when people create these websites, because they aren’t offering any value to their customers AT ALL.

All they are doing is taking peoples money, simply by offering a scam, while they think they are talking to a real girl.

For every reason I have mentioned inside this review, and obviously because it is a scam, I’m going to say Free Hookup Search is not recommended!

If you are looking for real girls to chat and interact with (and yes, this one is actually free to sign up to), then I have no doubts that you will love Chaturbate.

See My #1 Live Cam Site Recommendation

Let us know if you’ve fallen for this scam in the comment section below.

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