Sakuralive Review: Japanese Girls Or Japanese Scam?

If you are looking  for a good cam site to satisfy your needs and wondering if this typical one one works as good as it seems, then I highly recommend you keep reading.

This is my honest SakuraLive review. Throughout this article I’m going to be debunking the online reviews while searching the actual website to find the real truth behind it.

SakuraLive Review

Name: SakuraLive

Website: www.sakuralive.comsakuralive logo

Price to sign up: Free + $3 for trial package

My final rating: 2/5


About SakuraLive

So this site claims to offer the best HD cams of “top quality” Japanese girls, the best that you will find on the internet.

They launched SakuraLive on December 2009, while most of their traffic comes from paid advertising.

They have never stopped advertising this cam site, which is probably the only reason why it hasn’t died down yet.

What Is SakuraLive?

SakuraLive offer Japanese girls for users to watch and enjoy, these are strictly Japanese girls only, so you won’t find any other models of any other race performing on this website.

The registered members are in the thousands, while the number of online models at one time range from 100-400.

There’s an advanced search option that allows you to narrow your search down to an age, breast size, appearance, etc.

Some of the girls don’t have a mic though, so there is an option to highlight the ones that ARE using a mic. I found out that the thumbnails are actually pictures of the girls instead of a preview of the live cam.

What I found to be incredibly awkward – when you click on a thumbnail to view the live cam, it opens up in a NEW window. Then if you click on “chat”, this page will be opened in ANOTHER new window, resulting in 3 total windows open just to watch a live cam :/

This makes for really awful navigation. After been around for this long, you’d think they would have fixed it by now, but sadly they haven’t.

What I Didn’t Like

Even though SakuraLive is very unique on its own, there are still some downsides:

  • A lot of the cams aren’t HD even after saying that they are
  • Many of the girls are typing in Japanese and even TALKING in Japanese through the mic
  • A large number of the models don’t show their face

There IS a translation feature but it still isn’t the best.

What I Did Like

Strictly Japanese girls only. So this was something I liked the most, the fact that it’s very unique because of this reason.

And because there are still a lot of models that chat and talk in English.

Guest Features (no signing up needed)

As a guest member you can take a look at the website and browse the live cams.

When you’re a guest, you don’t need to sign up, you just visit the official page and start watching live Japanese girls perform on camera.

Well not anything exciting anyway, you’ll be lucky to see any of them naked or doing sexual acts while you’re viewing as a guest.

Paid Member Features (pay to register)

You can not register an account for free on this website.

When you put an email and username in to sign up, you are required to pay a “one-time fee”. This fee is $3 USD, but after that initial fee you get access to a bunch of new features.

  • You can start tipping the girls
  • Chat with them, with a bunch of new features that I haven’t seen before
  • Access to private shows as long as you pay
  • MyPage section – A feature that allows you to receive notifications via email when your favorite models are online
  • And even more

payment details

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up at their official website, however you need to pay a one-time fee if you want to register and gain access to the better features available.

If you don’t want to pay, you can still browse the website and see the models perform on camera. But you won’t be able to chat or do anything else other than watch.

There are various token/credit packages available after you pay and register. These are used for watching private shows and tipping the models.

Pros and Cons


  • Most of the cams are in HD
  • They are all Japanese girls, which is a good choice if you have a fetish for them


  • There’s still a large number of models who communicate in Japanese only
  • They have the most awkward navigation I’ve ever seen on a cam site
  • A lot of them don’t show their face
  • The private shows are incredibly overpriced

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So Is SakuraLive A Scam? is not a scam, but I would not recommend it for English speakers.

Due to the large amount of girls who communicate in Japanese only, makes for a very hard time trying to find one that communicates in English.

Not only that, but everything about the website is so awkward.

The navigation is really appalling, the models don’t even know how to entertain their audience, and more!

However, the site is still legit.


The Verdict

Even though it isn’t the best cam site in the world and far from being the best, it is still a viable option for those people who love cute Japanese girls and want to watch them live.

But it is by no means my #1 recommendation.

Other than that, it is a complete waste of time. The models hardly ever show their face and most of the features you get when you become a paying customer can be used for free on other cam sites – like Chaturbate.

I’m going to give SakuraLive an easy thumbs down. They are not recommended!

And that’s for the simple fact that 99% of them will all have their clothes on and not doing ANYTHING fun, in addition to all the reasons I have outlined in this review.

If you want to see girls with no clothes on AND performing sexual acts, without paying a dime, then you need to check out Chaturbate right now.

See My Review On Chaturbate Here!

If I helped you make the right decision, please let me know in the comment section below.

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