Slutroulette Review – Is It Really Free?

I have seen Slutroulette around for the last 1-2 years, however I have never actually gotten around to providing my honest opinion on it yet.

Inside this Slutroulette review, I will be compiling all information that I find for this website then providing my final verdict at the end.

They have accumulated a good reputation over the years, but that does not mean they are legit.

Is it a legitimate website? Who knows, let’s begin this review and find out the truth!

Slutroulette Review

Name: Slutroulette


Price to sign up: $0slutroulette logo

Type: Live Cam

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


Slutroulette Overview

Slutroulette has been around for a very long time (over 12 years in fact). It is classed as a live video chatting site.

Basically, you chat with live performers in a “roulette-styled” game.

You set your webcam up, click next, and then get matched with a random girl who’s also using the website.

You can then interact with each other via live video chat.

If one of you choose to to click “NEXT” again, you will both be matched with new people.

Slutroulette offers hundreds of thousands of members, with a good chunk of them being online inside the website at one time.

In addition to the features above, there is an advanced filtering function.

This allows roulette members to really narrow the models down to the ones that they prefer.

Browse the models by sex, age, couples, looks, kinks, fetishes and more!

When you see a picture of a girl that interests you, you can then see more of her on the bio page.

You will then gain access to sample pictures and videos and the ability to use the free guest chat. That is all free.

However, If you would like view ALL the pictures and the full-length videos, you will have to pay a small fee.

This fee is stated before you click the “pay now” button, so you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it all costs first.

There are no hidden fees or monthly membership costs with Slutroulette, as everything that you will be paying for is outlined in bold print, ensuring you know what you’re getting yourself into.

You can continue browsing the website for free, for as long as you want to. You can then decide to pay for content if you see a model that has material that’s worth paying for.

What Makes Slutroulette Unique?

Slutroulette is the big brother of Omegle and Chatroulette.

You take Omegle and Chatroulette, but instead you make it x-rated.

That is what makes Slutroulette different from the rest. Not to mention that you’re able to chat with naked girls for as long as you want, with absolutely no cost on your part!

Because 99% of girls on the sites mentioned above all have clothes on, you’re highly unlikely to find girls in the nude with those websites.

Slutroulette is the x-rated version, to put it simply.

Private Shows

Slutroulette offers private shows.

You can opt for a private show if you choose to, each model have their prices stated on their profile page.

And to avoid any payment surprises, you have to accept and agree to everything before you even pay for it.

The paid 1-on-1 live chat sessions vary from $1-5 per minute. But remember, that is nothing compared to how much you will be paying for a dinner date! (lol)

The models have to verify their age first, and thoroughly too, this is to make sure they are all over 18.

Pricing & Signing Up

You can get instant access to Slutroulette on their official website:

You’re able to take a quick look around before signing up, but that is for a limited time. To get full access with no time limit, the free registration will be required first.

There is no cost to sign up to this website either, it is free to join.

And as I mentioned above, there are some payment options ONLY if you choose to do so.

The owners don’t care if you don’t pay for anything either, they are just happy for you to be there.

So you will not be bombarded with “special discounts” on every page you view.

Who Slutroulette Is For

Because Slutroulette is NSFW, you have to be 18+ before you can join. If you are under 18, don’t bother trying to join! Leave my review right now.

register form at slutroulette

If you don’t wish to pay money and are looking for something to get satisfied to, for no cost at all, then this is definitely for you.

However, If you’re keen on tipping girls for their performances and gaining a lot of respect in the process, then Chaturbate is the better way to go.

Pros and Cons


  • Free to join and participate in
  • No hidden fees or recurring payments with the private shows
  • Really simple to navigate and find your way around
  • So many features and functions, making it stand out from its competitors


  • Will require you to register before you can gain all the benefits
  • The private shows aren’t the best. Especially because you can get the exact same thing just by using the “roulette” function

So Is Slutroulette A Scam?

In my experiences, and with thousands of others who have used this website – no. Slutroulette is not a scam.

Slutroulette has been found to be legit, while the owners are true to their words in more ways than one.

They are not out to scam any of their members, they are trying to provide the best content that they can for their members/audience.

They are always trying to find new ways to better their system, and it’s being updated regularly to make it happen.


My Final Opinion

If the owners of Slutroulette were truly out to get as much money from you as possible, they would NOT be making it free to use, well not the vast majority of it anyway.

Instead, they would be requiring everyone to pay a monthly membership or similar, just to get as much money as possible.

However, they are out to make their website the best roulette site on the world wide web, and that’s why I enjoy spending my time on their site and love interacting with the models.

If you are looking to browse the site without paying a dime, then this site is good for you.

One More Thing

I would not recommend paying any money on Slutroulette.

You can get private shows for free anyway, just by using the normal roulette function, so there’s really no point in paying for it.

If you want a website where you can actually tip models and make them do as YOU want, then you need to read my review on Chaturbate instead.

Because of all the reasons I have mentioned inside this Slutroulette review, but mostly because the owners of this site want to serve you the best that they can, I have no hesitations in recommending them.

Amazing site, great models, I’m going to say highly recommended!

Start Chatting With Nude Girls Here!

We want to hear your thoughts! What has your experience been with Slutroulette?

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