Swipe Flirts Review – Fake Profiles/Cams And More Lies

In this Swipe Flirts review, I will be discovering if this website is actually legit or a complete scam.

There are many mixed reviews regarding them, and that’s why I want to find out what the owners of Swipe Flirts are hiding.

How come their website has received a large number of bad feedback? There is this question and so many more that need to be answered.

Keep reading this article to discover what they are hiding from their customers/members.

Swipe Flirts Review

Name: Swipe Flirts

Website: www.swipeflirts.comswipe flirts logo

Price to join: $0, then $49.95 p/m thereafter

My Final Rating: 0.5/5


What is Swipe Flirts?

Swipe Flirts does NOT have a new concept. The owners have followed the same system that a lot of other websites have used.

Most of these similar sites all have “Swipe” in the site name, that’s how you know they are very much the same.

This typical one is a dating site.

Supposedly there are thousands of single, horny women, all willing to hook up with the first guy they come across.

Basic features include:

  • Profile – Edit your personal page, account settings, photos and videos
  • Friends list – Add females to your friends list and contact them anytime
  • Online – See all the females who are currently online
  • Notifications – You can also see who emailed you, PMed you, viewed your personal page, etc
  • Search – Find anyone with the advanced search function. Search by age, gender and location

In addition to the normal profile pages and chatting system, there are random “live” cam girls who want to chat with you.

They pop up randomly as you’re surfing the site.

They are clearly fake, but the administrators make them look real, while asking you to upgrade so you can chat to them. But it never happens.

If you decide to upgrade, you will find that the shows are pre-recorded. As you type and communicate with the person on the other side, you will soon realize that they are not live.

Scam Alert

Upon signing up to Swipe Flirts, you have the option to place your credit card details in to complete your profile and gain access to the system.

Just remember to read the “fine print” when you are placing your credit card details in.

Because they SAY it is $0, however there are lot of things they won’t tell you in bold writing, such as the recurring payments that will be deducted from your account a couple of days after you click that “GET FREE ACCESS NOW” button.

credit card sign up form

On the bottom, right hand side, you will see that the box is automatically checked, and it says upgrade to a “VIP” membership.

And what is a VIP membership?

Well it’s actually a monthly subscription plan.

If you don’t read the fine print in that split second before clicking FREE ACCESS, there is no other way of knowing that you will be re-billed monthly unless you personally look in your billing options, OR when you see it deducted from your bank account.

What’s more?

The owners of this website has grabbed hundreds of amateur pictures from around the web and placed them on Swipe Flirts to make it look like they are all real girls who are members of the site and active every day.

Furthermore, they have clearly admitted in their Terms and Conditions that the profiles are COMPLETELY FAKE.

However, they call these fake profiles Love Stars.

What does this have to do with anything?

When you see the word “Love Star” on a profile, it is a fake one. You will also see this title on every single profile page (lol!).

The owners know that they are fake, 100%, but they don’t tell their customers that. They have to find out in the ToS.

All this is to make it look like horny women actually want to hook up with you. You will find that there are thousands of these fake profiles messaging you.

Pricing & Signing Up

You can join Swipe Flirts by filling out the details on their official website: www.swipeflirts.com.

They make an emphasis on FREE, however they will try and get you to place your credit card details in on the next page.

The cost says $0.00, but that is for the first 2 days only. After that the normal price will be deducted from your account ($49.95), and that will continue on every month until you cancel it.

There are other price plans too, and these are:

  • $29.95 for 1 month
  • $74.85 for 3 months
  • $119.70 for 6 months

Pros & Cons


  • There are free pictures and videos that you can view


  • The “live cams” are actually pre-recorded, so they are not live at all
  • Every single profile page is actually fake. They are made to look real to make you pay for their services
  • If you manage to chat with someone, you are more than likely talking to a third party (male) contractor, rather than a real female

So Is Swipe Flirts A Scam?

Yes! Swipe Flirts is indeed a scam!

They do not have real women on their website that are looking to fuck.

In fact, they are taking all their members as fools, simply by taking advantage of their desperation of finding a real girl to sleep with.

The operators of this website are using all the tricks in the book to rip off as much people as possible.

If you still don’t believe me, take a look through their Terms and Conditions, because they tell it all in there.

I guess that’s how they get away with lying, without running into any legal issues, because they have actually admitted the profiles are fake.

They need to be STOPPED.

My Final Opinion

Swipe Flirts is 100% a scam, and I do NOT recommend them whatsoever!


Because they aren’t providing any value to their customers, apart from fake profiles that are operated by third party contractors.

These contractors are actually guys, who are paid to chat with you, for a cut of the monthly price that YOU are currently paying.

Don’t get fooled into this ripoff system.

In fact, I have something much better for you to join and benefit from.

If you want REAL girls to chat with, free to join, AND there is no credit card required either, then Chaturbate is definitely for you!

See My #1 Live Cam Site Recommendation

I hope I answered all your questions and concerns in this Swipe Flirts review.

If you’ve had any personal experiences with this website, we would love to hear your opinion on them too, so be sure to leave a comment below 😀

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