Well Hello Review: Online Dating Scam Exposed!

There is definitely no shortage of scams on the world wide web.

But one things for sure, there’s NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE that can debunk them and expose the truth about these sites faster than they are being created!

However, that doesn’t automatically make Well Hello a scam, does it? Of course not.

This is my Well Hello review, and throughout this article you will see me talking about this specific website/dating service while providing my honest opinion on it.

Is it a scam, or is it legit? There are so many questions that need to be answered, so let’s get right into it!

Well Hello homepage

Well Hello Review

Name: Well Hello

Website: www.wellhello.comWell Hello Logo

Price to sign up: Free

My Final Rating: 0.5/5


About Well Hello

First and foremost, Well Hello has been around since August 15, 2013.

The entire website was created by a company called Smoochy Brands, LLC.

They are a company who creates these dating sites and promotes them, allowing them to get that initial boost off of the ground a lot quicker than other websites.

Smoochy Brands LLC has been known to create dating sites in the past while filling them with FAKE females/profiles, fictional interests, and downright made-up personal information.

Outlined above is a quick overview of the creators behind this website (the ones who you will be paying your hard-earned money to < sarcasm btw).

Now into the easy stuff 🙂

What is Well Hello?

Well Hello is a dating site/messaging service.

If you haven’t used a dating site before, basically you create a profile, edit your “about me” page, add a photo, bio, then begin looking through other profiles of cute girls within the same website.

Well Hello typically has girls that message you when you’re browsing the website, allowing you to chat back.

However, to have the ability to message these random girls back you have to become a paying customer.

But more on the prices in a second.

Scam Alert

There are so many flaws that this website has it’s pretty much laughable, especially because of how much fake sh*t they are using and doing.

I don’t know how scammers get away with creating these fake sites, it’s beyond me, but fortunately I’m here to help you out.

For one, all the profiles of the girls are actually fake (or “Love Hostesses”, as they so put it).

The messages you receive are all automated, sent from computer software and not from actual girls.

You have to actually pay to talk back to these bots.


They will go the extra mile to EMAIL you, claiming to be an extremely hot girl, with a small snippet of the private message from the Well Hello website.

But of course you can not see the entire message because you have to “pay” to reveal what it is.

These emails lure you into their services.

So remember that these girls are only fictitious, they are not trying to communicate with you or looking to hook up with you.

If you decide to pay money so you can chat with these girls, here is something I want you to see, it is pulled straight from their Terms and Conditions:

“You further acknowledge and agree that smooch brands may respond to your communications to Love Hostesses through employees, agents or chat bots that impersonate the fictitious persons portrayed in such ‘Love Hostesses’ profiles.”

What does this mean?

If you happen to get a real message (one that answers to your reply after you start paying to use the messaging service), it is actually from one of their paid employees.

Yes, that is correct.

They have workers that have been hired to specifically reply to your messages.

That is their job, and they will do whatever it takes to string you along, in the hopes that you will continue paying.

If that doesn’t scream scam then I don’t know what does.

Pricing & Signing Up

Register screen for Well Hello

It doesn’t cost a dime to sign up with Well Hello.

While it is completely free to sign up and look around, there are some membership packages to choose from as well.

The prices are as follows:

  • $1 Trial – 24 hours
  • $29.95 – 1 month
  • $119.40 – 1 year

So to be clear – you CAN sign up and look around on the website for no cost whatsoever.

However, it won’t be long until you get the fake/automated messages from the so-called: “cute girls”.

And then comes the emails.

It will look like you have cute girls trying to private message you, eventually forcing you to put your credit card details in and paying.

Obviously because you thought you had a real private message waiting for you.

Then when you reply and eventually get a message back, it will be from the paid employees, stringing you along.

Pros & Cons


  • There is none


  • They will bombard you with automated/fake messages (through emails AND private messages) just to make you start paying
  • There are no real girls behind the profile pictures
  • The replies are from paid employees and not from the actual girls that you see on the website

So Is Well Hello A Scam?

Well Hello is definitely a scam, 100%!

They have been known to take peoples money after the 24 hour trial period is up, and EVEN when people try to cancel it, they simply cannot.

There are a lot of customers that can’t get their payments to stop even after they have spoken to their bank.

The money will continue to come out, forcing them to actually close that account.

Well Hello is the biggest online dating scam that I’ve seen yet!

Stay away from these fakers at all costs.

My Final Opinion

The site itself is so well done, it actually looks like a genuine dating site.

But of course you and I know that this is far from the truth.

And that’s exactly how they lure people into these fake dating sites, by making it look like cute girls are trying to chat with them, when this is not the case – sadly 🙁

Thankfully, there are still a lot of legit sites out there that allow you to chat with ACTUAL, real cute girls, for no cost whatsoever either!

Chaturbate is by far my favorite online cam site and has been for a very long time now.

You do not need to put your credit card details in either.

Just sign up and begin watching LIVE cams of hot girls doing naughty and crazy things for horny men to watch and enjoy 🙂

See My #1 Live Cam Site Recommendation

If I helped you avoid this scam, I’d love to hear about it. So please leave a comment below 😀

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